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Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much

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Here's the truth: Other people's drama is making you fat.

You're a good person. You feel for other people's troubles and challenges. Heck, you're probably the go-to person for a whole list of people when the going gets tough!
But is your caring nature keeping you out of the best shape of your life?
Break the cycle and be the loving person you are-without letting other people's drama keep you from being a hot mamma!

Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much focuses on the keys to weight loss for sensitive people. With a simple, practical program, bestselling author and internationally renowned intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid shows you how to release the extra pounds and create a new, healthy relationship with your body, your weight, and food.

This 4-step, 8-week program will show you how to finally let go of what's weighing you down, physically and emotionally. You will learn how to:

Reverse empathy overload and establish healthy boundaries
Avoid the "noisy" trigger foods that lead to autopilot eating
Deal with challenging situations and avoid your detours, from procrastination to perfectionism, that sabotage the success you deserve

This book is your guide to having a new healthy, loving relationship with your food and your feelings. It's the end to other people's drama-and the beginning to the body (and life) you deserve!

About the Author

Colette Baron-reid is an internationally renowned intuitive counselor, life coach, and author. Through a 22-year practice, she has advised over 34,000 clients in 29 countries and for three years toured as the opening speaker with Hay House. Colette's Master Intuitive Coach Institute certifies others in her transformational coaching techniques. "The Colette Baron-Reid Show" airs twice weekly on CBS-owned New Sky Radio and she has appeared on The Dr. Phil Show, "Oprah and Friends" with Dr. Oz and "Coast To Coast," among others.

Colossians & Philemon

RRP $18.69

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Christology and ethics. Is it possible for letters written in the first century to still impact people living in the 21st century? Dr. Allan Bevere, pastor and professor, husband and grandfather, believes Pauls words are not only relevant to our century but timely to the world we are currently struggling to live and influence while still being known as aliens. "The Christians in Colossae are encouraged to look heavenward, not to escape this world, but rather to put this world in heavenly context, to seek the things above is not an escape from earthly realities, but rather the things above puts earthly things in their divine context." - Dr. Allan Bevere

Weight Loss

RRP $13.99

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Do you Know what TEN FOODS you need to have in your Fridge at all times?Ten simple foods that will change your life, help you lose weight naturally, produce more energy naturally, and feel great everyday! As a Nutritionist, I get asked all the time, "What should I eat to lose weight?" Our nutrition committee collaborated to compile a list of ten foods that promote fat loss naturally, boast metabolism, build your immune system, and prevents diseases. The committee built a rating system to select the top ten food items. That system is based on four factors. 1.Metabolism enhancement 2.Detoxifying characteristics 3.Digestive system enhancement 4.Immune system boost. So what are the ten, and how will they help me lose weight? In this book, you will learn the Ten foods to eat, how they enhance your body to lose weight naturally, boast your metabolism, boast your immunity and much more, including... - The weight loss 10 commandments. 10 steps to follow to lose weight the healthy way - Tips for successful healthy weight loss - Weight Loss Facts & Myths - Learning about the Nutrition Label - Enhancing your Nutritional IQ - Overcoming the weight loss Plateau - Keeping the weight off forever - How to eat on Vacation - Details covering each of the ten foods - How the ten foods help your body - and much more! This is not a tricky diet book This book focuses on eating. Eating foods that will boast your metabolism, build your immune system, and enhance your muscle growth. If you are struggling with weight loss, and not sure what to eat, or maybe you have lost a little weight but hit the all to familiar weight loss plateau, then this book is your source. No fancy workouts needed! No fancy diets for 30 days! Just plain nutritional enhancement. Eat your way to fit!

Fatal Music

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Captain Paul Darac of the Brigade Criminelle arrives at a crime scene to find a woman's mutilated corpse. Initially routine, the case deepens and darkens into a complex enquiry that threatens to close in on Darac himself. But allegiances past and present must be set aside to unravel a tale of greed, deception and treachery that spans the social spectrum. It is among the winding streets of his own neighbourhood in Nice's old town, the Babazouk, that Darac faces his severest test yet.

Colossal Grab A Pencil Pocket Sudoku

RRP $15.95

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Sudoku, "the crossword without words" comes with a warning: it is highly addictive! This book is simply a must have for puzzle connoisseurs everywhere! Whether this is your first attempt at Sudoku puzzles or you are already hooked, get set to enjoy this latest collection of numerical brain-teasers from the puzzle master himself Richard Manchester. Page after page of mind-twisting sanity testing puzzles of all levels from the ego boosters to the dauntingly difficult. So get set to tackle this compilation that will be surely make your brain sweat. And now in a new POCKET sized format, that may be small in stature but is LARGE in fun!!"


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